Day 1 of the Flux Ambassador’s intensive weekend. The naming process!

Part one of the ambassador’s initial intensive weekend kicked off at 10am with a meeting at Tate Liverpool. Our group of ten young creatives was greeted by co-director Alex, who led us up to a studio space to start the day where we met second co-director Amy. After adorning ourselves with name badges, we carried out some exercises in order to learn about each other’s interests and skills. Once the ice was suitably broken, we began to consider the breadth of the arts and culture scene in the city. We looked at a breakdown of the organisations that make up LARC (Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium) and Creative Organisations of Liverpool (Cool) and discussed perceptions of these establishments. We then opened the discussion wider, exploring any and all arts events or establishments in Liverpool under headings such as theatre, gaming, literature, heritage sites and so on.

With all of this in mind, the second half of the day became a more focused discussion regarding the name and brand of the festival. This was lead by illustrator and graphic designer, Claire, who talked us through the branding process. We decided that our priority was for the identity of the festival to be edgy but unpretentious. It needs to appeal to 14 year olds as well as 25 year olds, a potentially difficult scope. Furthermore, in order to distinguish the project from the abundance of festivals that take place in Liverpool, we also decided to lose the term “festival”, instead opting for a snappy title. Armed with brightly coloured felt tip pens we worked in small groups to devise potential names for the project. Out of these discussions came the words “amplify”, “re-gen” and “flux”, all three being names we were pleased with. However, to narrow down to our final name a vote was cast and the group agreed that “flux” best fitted our brief. With this exciting progress made, we left the studio, keen to return the following day to continue the creative process!

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