Intensive Weekend, Day 2 – Branding

We started day two eager to build upon the success of the previous meeting – having decided on the name Flux it was time to develop the brand further. Claire sat us down to discuss a logo for Flux and began by exploring existing logos with us; this was a helpful starting point as we were able to consider brands we saw as successful and which logos appealed most to us. The group seemed in agreement that we liked playful and colourful designs best, with illustrative and hand drawn elements.


From here it was time to get creative! Out came the inks and marker pens as we got to start doodling initial ideas for a logo. There were two main ideas that stood out to us all: the first was to incorporate the Liverpool skyline into the design, perhaps as a hairline around the text or as an illustration; the second involved the word Flux with the X made up of different lines of colour, each corresponding to a different creative discipline. From here we left Claire to get working on these initial ideas and we split into small groups to discuss our target audience, the tone of the festival and a possible tagline for Flux. While all this was going on Amy was also filming some of us to create a behind the scenes video about the planning process and to get our initial opinions and ideas about the project.

We then regrouped in order to present the ideas we had discussed in small teams and to consider the agenda for the next meeting. As Flux could be quite ambiguous we thought a tagline would work well under the name of the festival – perhaps some snappy phrase such as “Liverpool in Transit” or “Move with Us” or three simple words such as “Evolve Energise Amplify.” The aim is to capture the spirit of the event – we are amplifying the voice/creativity of young people in Liverpool, we are a movement and moving forward, we are exciting and invite people to join us, we want to capture the pride people feel about Liverpool as a city of culture. Another important element we wish to consider in more detail is how we understand our target audience and the effective use of social media – the way we utilise online platforms will serve as a blueprint for what other cultural organisations in the city should be doing to interact successfully online. Here it would be useful for us to survey which platforms are already being used, how, and whether or not this is successful.

Finally, we sat back down with Claire who’d been working away to create some initial designs for a logo. It was unanimously decided that we would like to blend the two ideas – we all preferred the Flux with the colour-stranded “X” but were also keen to keep hold of the Liverpool skyline as one element of our brand – we were really keen to link the brand to our vibrant city. The meeting ended here and Claire was sent off to draw up our final idea – we left eager to see the final result!

Emma Riley

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