Meeting number 3 at FACT HQ – The Final Logo and Potential Partners


The illustrative ball has been rolling! Claire has been extremely busy in the time we were away, adapting and changing the Flux logo following ideas that we had proposed to her in our intensive preliminary weekend. We were all extremely eager to see her work!

After pitching to us her initial imagery, which we loved, we came up with some ideas on how it could be further developed. Firstly, we loved the use of colour, the font was fabulous and eye catching, the skyline was brilliant, but there was one problem. When initially looking at the logo, which embodied the rather vibrant colour-stranded ‘X’ in the word FLUX, our eyes strayed away from the ‘X’ and rather consciously laid upon the black font section preceding it. In uncontained unanimous fashion we all decided that the initial imagery provided by this logo reminded everyone of a common illness that occurred in everyday life; The Flu. The last thing we wanted was for people to primarily disassociate the event with an arts festival and rather be thinking ‘Oh, another NHS campaign?’. As our newly appointed ambassador Joe said, we didn’t want this part of the logo to “catch on”. (Pun definitely intended) 

Following this, serious discussion occurred in which we proposed further adaptation ideas to Claire to try and avoid these branding issues. We then left her for the remainder of the meeting to work her magic illustrative fingers.

The second part of our meeting saw the introduction of two extremely exciting organizations that are active in the Merseyside area. These were; Open Culture and Somewhereto, both of which are very keen to be involved with the FLUX project.

Our attention was given firstly to our two guests from Open culture, Charlotte Corrie and Christina Grogan, both are co-founders of the organization. They explained how the organizations aim is to nurture and help a vast variety of artistic/cultural activities and events that occur in the Merseyside area. One point they made in reference to FLUX was that the overall event itself should be an opportunity to break down the term ‘Young people’. In saying this they believed that the festival should be a chance to celebrate the success of young artistic individuals rather than isolate them from the older demographic in the area. We agreed entirely. We want the festival to attract all ages and be as accessible to each and every person who wishes to witness it.

Secondly we were introduced to Claire Willams from the organization Somewhereto. She informed us that Somewhereto is an organization that aims to open up and find either digital or physical spaces in which artists can access for their specific need or activity. We were therefore extremely excited to bring their organisation on board regarding our festival as we thought it extremely important for young individuals to have contact with such a great source of creative and catalytic help.

We ended our meeting by reviewing Claire’s adapted ‘non-medical’ logo. Obviously 30 minutes is in no way enough time to rustle up a final product however she provided us with a number of alternatives that we were very impressed with. The hurdle had been succesfully jumped, the set back had been eliminated! In the next two weeks to come, we will expect to see the final logo!

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Open Culture


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