LARCing About – 27/02/14

‘Pop culture is not about depth. It’s about marketing, supply and demand, consumerism.’

 – Trevor Dunn

It’s only Flux Liverpool’s second meeting (after the initial weekend get-together) and we’re already talking about mind control techniques!! Well… marketing and PR, but let’s be honest with each other, learning the tricks of the trade is the reason we’re all so interested in this LARC business – and now it’s our time to play Pied Piper with the city. Mwaahahaha-


To warm up, our task was to identify effective and ineffective marketing techniques used by a variety of arts organizations across the city via leaflets/posters/programmes. Working in groups, we used our outstanding analytical skills to shout things like ‘Hey! This one’s pink! I like it!’ as well as deconstructing pamphlet/poster size, graphology, writing style, colour scheme, relatability, and whether or not art galleries are just fronts for the Denture industry.


I had a blast, and I expect I will at every meeting, even when we’re all shouting ‘now it’s too pink! I don’t like it!’ at each other three months down the line. I think working in groups feels a lot more natural to us as we all get to chip in something useful, and then we can sit back and be impressed by other groups’ conclusions too! I think we’re all about having every voice heard – because even three words from the mousiest person in the room can make all the difference.

And three words can be insanely difficult to get in the right order as we found out towards the end of the meeting. Invent, Create, Innovate are the three we’re juggling at the moment – I think my favourite combination was Holly’s ‘Re-invent your Creativity’ – in the hubble bubble of coming up with something overly-convoluted and witty, this suggestion just felt like a spell of order. Spot on.

I thoroughly expect to see ‘What The Flux?’ T-shirts in coming months, if not plastered across the walls along Hardman Street in big, stark, texture-tingling writing. Please. Guys…

What the Flux

We’re doing wicked, but we are only just chipping away at the top of the mountain, so let’s keep the momentum going and crack on with more communication, more confidence, and more pink!!

Catch you all soon!

–          J. Crawford

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