Flux Meeting 13/03/2014

After every meeting I feel like my brain is jam packed with new and exciting ideas and knowledge; and today’s meeting did not disappoint! Today we started off with some helpful facts from Alex on production managers and producers. Alex drew from her own experience of working with other producers and production managers as we watched the ‘making of’ video of The Children’s Monologues 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHHWM4PMccw

As well as spotting an endless list of celebrities it was great to see the various roles needed to organise events. We were then shown the many responsibilities there are to being producers and production managers in a check list for each role, including crucial roles to the festival such as finance, communications and health & safety.

From this we broke into two groups and did some separate work. The first team focused on the roles and responsibilities we may need to delegate in the production of the festival; this helped us recognise just how big the event actually is and the importance of knowing who we may need and what they will need to do during the event and prior to it.
The second group brainstormed ideas for briefs to send out, we have decided that we need to cut down to 10 briefs but there are so many great ideas!

To help with this situation we will be voting online (Flux facebook page) which will give us an opportunity to revisit these ideas and fairly cut them down, but I’m sure whatever we do it’ll be great!

See you in the next meeting!
Chloe Nezianya.

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