FLUX Comms Group – Meeting 1 (20 March 2014)

Last week saw the first of the dedicated Marketing meetings for the Flux ambassadors. The group convened at FACT for what promised to be a busy two hours of assigning tasks and chatting about Flux’s marketing plan as a whole going forward.


I didn’t have to be on this pic, hooray! – Jack

The meeting began with an overview of the campaign and soon enough volunteers came forward (as well as some nominations!) to take on the different aspects of Flux’s main marketing strands both on and offline. For those who weren’t at the meeting, these are split up into the main categories of: Website & App, Copy Writing, Social Media, Newsletters, Press, Ad Sales, Printed Media, Database and Budget!

We then went on to talk about our audiences, in other words, who we want to connect with to visit/ participate in Flux events. This ranges from “young ‘uns” (as coined by Joe) to Other Arts Organisations as well as our own friends and families!

Next on the agenda was our “straplines”, the group decided that we need a universal strapline (to use on our public facing marketing) as well as a separate one for “young ‘uns” and those who may participate in the festival (or should that be un-festival?).

With the tasks successfully split up between the group earlier in the meeting, we began to make a more in depth discussion about deadlines and plotting out when everything needs to be underway (thanks to a handy calendar from Open Culture), upcoming tasks will include preparing an online presence for Flux in time for the public reveal.

The meeting drew to a close with a discussion about “IdeasTap” and what immediate actions need to be taken by the splinter group to get our marketing campaigns up and running!

All in all it was a busy meeting but be glad to know that the Flux Comms group is well prepared and ready to get going!

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