This week’s Flux Liverpool Ambassadors session…

We got excited, were getting funded by the Arts Council, Get In  :O

Plus the marketing team talked to us about their session, their roles and responsibilities within the team. Plus they explored all the categorizes involved in marketing ; Website & App, Copy Writing, Social Media, Newsletters, Press, Ad Sales, Printed Media, Database and Budget .  And the general dates they want to get these categorizes finished by. If you want to know more there is a Comms Group Post

We chatted about renting the fact room for Thursdays in the future so sub groups, committees or teams can meet and discuss the project.

We talked about the up and coming app design weekend 12th to 13th of April who will be there and if we have any friends or contacts who would want to be involved. If so there is a brief you can send them FLUX APP- Design & Hack Weekend

Next discussions about potential “POW WOW” weekends in the future were thinking 17th-18th or the 24th-25th of May.

We thought big and by we I mean Suzy who came up with the very wonderful idea of  potentially getting channel four involved in Flux Liverpool . Remember THINK BIG who knows were it will lead…

After that we got even more excited at the thought of a constructive trips budget. Basically we go to other festivals. We see the good, the bad and the ugly and decide if there is something we can incorporate in to our festival or any pot holes we can avoid.                    Alex Is currently planning to take us to a festival on 7th June in Glasgow.

To top off our ambassadors meeting we then took a trip to la FACT. We went to a spine tingling science fiction exhibition co produced by some of are very own Flux Ambassadors.

I hope I haven’t missed anything out 🙂

PS.  The one in a million you project by Laurence Payot showcased at the fact Sci-fi exhibition  looks amazing. Maybe we could do something like that for our non festival- festival. heres a link to it One In A Million You.

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