This week’s meeting was sliced into segments as we met Amanda from IdeasTap, discussed comms procedures with Open Culture and then began to consider the nitty gritty of dividing up the programming our beloved (non) festival.

As is customary we went around the room and introduced ourselves to Amanda and explained our creative interests (“Emma – visual arts and programming”) before hearing about her role in the IdeasTap team and her precious advice about setting creative briefs. We were told that it’s best to have an idea of a successful final product in mind when setting a brief as this will make judging easier – although unexpected outcomes are really exciting too! Open Culture were in agreement here so this is something we must not forget! As a team we’re super keen to develop our idea for a Flux TV commission as a new kind of creative brief – indeed Amanda said this hasn’t been done by IdeasTap before but we’re hopeful that we can make something amazing. After all, we are a PIONEERING group. We’re feeling very lucky to be working closely with IdeasTap throughout this process – as young creative people at the start of our careers such an opportunity is invaluable!

Our meeting with Amanda was short but sweet as she had to dash off to catch a train. Next it was onto a comms briefing from Open Culture. We discussed the impending digital launch and our plan of action – thumbs at the ready 10am Monday for a Twitter/Facebook/Instagram explosion with Amy and Jack at the helm. We were also set the task of keeping our eyes peeled for websites we love using – what makes a successful webpage and why?

We then began to consider the mammoth task of programming. AJ and Joe got first dibs on the music side of the festival and rightly so – the best people for the job! Amy was unanimously elected to join the steering group as a “young person” representative and we know she’ll do a great job!

Next up – the app development weekend at FACT– another really exciting strand of the Flux programme.


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