The ‘Matrix’ meeting @ The Bluecoat

ImageUnfortunately Neo, Morpheus and Trinity couldn’t make it to the Matrix Meeting. But more fool them. They missed out on some great creative fusion and a good old natter about FLUX Liverpool!

In all seriousness though, the ‘Matrix’ meeting was set up as an opportunity for members of both the COoL and LARC organisations to come together, meet us and discuss information surrounding FLUX Liverpool.

Our job as ambassadors/producers was to individually speak to each organization and verify dates of their already existing events that would subsequently coincide/become part of FLUX. This involved asking them if they had any questions, concerns or comments regarding the programme as a whole. Joe was given the job of being the master speaker for informing the organisations of the commissions that we have come up with (Flux TV, Flux Liverpool closing party, Flux Merchandise design and Making etc). These went down superbly and each organisation expressed their enthusiasm towards them. We wanted to keep them all in the loop regarding the development of the programme and Open Culture were on hand to inform them on where we were in terms of Marketing the event. They had some particularly Juicy info regarding the Digital Launch!

Representatives from the following Organisations attended:

LARC Organisations: FACT (Foundation of Art and Creative Technology); Liverpool Biennial; Royal Liverpool Philharmonic; Tate Liverpool; The Bluecoat; DaDaFest; National Museum of Liverpool.

COoL Organisations: 20 Stories High; Metal; Hope Street Limited; BrazUKa; Writing on the Wall; Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival.


In order to gain further information and understanding we dispersed postcards to each representative to fill out. They were asked a number of questions that were designed as a point of reference for the future development of FLUX. Here are some of their responses!

Organisation What are your ambitions with FLUX Liverpool? What would you like to learn from FLUX? What would you like to see happen at FLUX 2016?
BrazUKa To support and help deliver a varied cultural programme including our young people and others. Bringing professionals as inspiration as well. Signpost x.p, as Ambassadors, develop something in relation to BR Olympics, More activities etc.
Metal  It would be great to connect with emerging artists and for new collaborations to happen Best practices in engaging young people Young people from all over the UK coming here and seeing all the amazing talent!
FACT To deliver a fantastic film festival and have every event full I hope to learn how we can work better outside of our building and independent of our exhibition. For our exhibition to be by and for young people at FACT during FLUX
Writing on the Wall  To promote spoken word art New ways of working by young promoters To showcase a new generation of spoken word artists
Hope Street Limited Raised awareness of Hope street limited: new audiences More about how to recruit young people Longer programme if not a 3 week festival
20 Stories High Diverse range of young people to be engaged: perform, share, debate, discuss, grow and shine. – for 20 stories high to support this in a variety of ways. Get a taste of how it works and how young people engage. More about what young people want as part of FLUX. What really excites them. What makes this special. New creative ways of programming and creating a artistic lively young arts-based festival To be involved further in strategic planning/vision from early on as a company (including our young people). Look at whether July is the right time/create one massive celebration/event that bring everyone together – flagship event for the city focused on young people performing.

It was thrilling to hear the organizations being passionate about what they do and also how excited they all are about FLUX. There is no doubt that they’re all individually going to bring something truly inspiring to the programme.

The next stop is the App Development weekend @ FACT! Feedback coming soon!

For more Information on LARC –
For more Information on COoL –

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