FLUX App Development Weekend Day 2 13/04/2014

Day 2 of the app development weekend we were introduced to our second honorary member for the weekend, Zanzi. Holly and I found this a perfect opportunity to present FLUX to the two newcomers (Zanzi and Tor). We talked about our ideas behind the festival and the importance of the app. This was followed by some very eager questions which, personally, I found very good practice since from now on we will be bombarded with them!

Next, we had a re-cap of the previous ideas we had on the Saturday, these ranged from the informative elements of the app to the interactive features. Gavin and Chris helped us gain a realistic perspective on some of the ideas we had, such as rewarding our app users. We found that it may be difficult (and very expensive) to source rewards for them and maybe we needed to simplify the system.


photo 1

Back to work, and we started some new activities which were built on our pre-existing ideas. First, we reminded ourselves of our goals for the app, discussing how what we wanted to get out of building an app and also how the users would benefit. We then looked at Missions- a part of the app we wanted to make fun and easy for the users to get involved.

10177327_10152063679466235_7963118403320832548_n 10154185_10152063791931235_5394127788135604213_n 10013872_10152063679446235_284770077829696250_n

We then looked at the physical and interactive side of the app. Here we discussed the possible installation we could have in the festival which could link to the app. We even considered the hub as an installation itself to interact with app users and festival goers.


Last but not least, the FLUX app components! Basically, an outline of the content that needs to be on the app in order for it to be successful.


So that’s the end of the FLUX App Development Weekend. An overall exciting experience which has really opened our eyes and has shown how much development and planning is needed to create this part of the festival. Many thanks to Chris and Gavin for your time and effort, and also Tor and Zanzi for feeding in some great ideas! Chris and Gavin will be frequently feeding back their progression with the app in the lead up to the festival, how exciting!

Chloe Nezianya

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