FLUX App Development Day 1 (12/04/2014)

This blog’s late, very late. But, better late than never!

FACT_LiverpoolThis was an exciting day, the first time we could start talking about our app! A splinter group of us met up at FACT in the early hours of Saturday morning (by early hours, I mean 9am). We headed straight for the top floor and were immediately presented with our developers, the excellent Chris (of i-DAT) and Gavin (of Elixel).

The pair gave us a presentation about where they each had come from and how they were going to get to work on the app. Chris talked about i-DAT (with a bit of help from Richard Ayoade), i-DAT is a Plymouth based lab for ‘playful experimentation with data’ and has an open platform for apps named ‘Qualia’ which aims to shake up how arts events are evaluated, you can find out more about that here. Gavin went on to talk about Elixel. Also based in Plymouth, Elixel is a digital creative agency known for their work on mobile apps, responsive websites and branding.

After this, we began to brainstorm ideas for what we wanted to see in the app and the general functionality that we believed it should have. We got our heads down and before we knew it… It was time for lunch.

After an… interesting… lunch, discussing the Albert Dock’s resident jellyfish (no one would believe me, I had to prove it was true)… among other things, we reconvened into separate groups and focused upon coming up with ideas for the specific areas of the app.

After this, we came back together and presented our ideas back to the whole group. This included some exciting features of the app including the ‘FLUXBux‘ points system as well as the 500 strong missions roster which might see people taking a selfie with someone in a morphsuit, sparking up a song in the Liverpool Philharmonic or anything else!

The app has a lot of potential to be really exciting and I’m sure a lot of the features will be something everyone will want to check out! — Sadly, I couldn’t make it to the second day of the weekend, but you can catch up on what happened there in Chloe’s blog of Day 2!


BldKw-rCEAAjuiVP.S Thanks for the
handy phone stand,

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