T-minus 2 weeks until FLUX Blast off!


It’s all coming together!!  Our brand new shiny website is finally live and we’re thrilled with the way it’s looking – http://fluxliverpool.com

The guides are hot off the press and they’re beautiful – better than we could have imagined and we’re super pleased with the inclusion of our cheeky tagline – #FLUXYEAH

10386304_10152532358735140_8992739159400345070_n Check us OUT! 10409474_10152532359015140_5147940787568218893_n

This week saw the TATE host yet another meeting of planning for the busy weeks to come. Half of the group are on holiday and we’re powering on – even while Jack makes us jealous tweeting us from the beach!

Suzy is currently working to maximise the social media hype and has reached a world record of 15 new followers in 5 minutes! You go girl!

Amy and Holly are currently compiling an endless list of contacts for our #FLUXSKILLS division of the festival. Confirmations of all aspects have been rolling in! (Click here for more FLUXSKILLS info)

AJ and Joe are keeping up the momentum as we hurtle towards their Day at the Dome – not to be missed! Watch out on twitter for the full line-up announcement and give the artists that are performing a follow, you know you want too!


Our app is available to download from itunes and is compatible for both I-phone and android. (Click to download here)
It is utterly excellent!

It includes…..
– Full event listings and info
– A map of all the events
– News
– And of course, THE FLUX MISSIONS!


Go ahead and download it!


We are looking for volunteers to help during the whole festival! If you are interested in working in the creative industries, and looking for a fantastic addition to your cv, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! For more info, please visit http://fluxliverpool.com/about/#get-involved

Seriously though, the anticipation is escalating and the excitement is off the scale! Us Ambassadors just can’t wait for FLUX to kick off!

Please Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and IdeasTap !

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