Meet the Team

Joe CrawfordJoe Crawford

As an English Literature with Creative Writing graduate (2:1) from Lancaster University, my expertisein creativity and analysis are finely balanced. I have been a valued member of Off the Ground Theatre Company since the age of 13, and continue my irrepressible love for the stage through live music performance/production. I perform under the name ‘Creaky Bones’ – a one-man-band slide guitarist/looper act with musical styles that couldn’t be more unbalanced! A firm believer in the power of community spirit, I take whatever opportunity I can to encourage positive attitude growth in cities and towns across the North West. The people I have met through the arts community have always provided me with the perfect creative outlets, the best ways to self-confidence, and have never failed to support me in times of need. Now, I would like to pass on the gifts my heroes have given me to a new generation of Creatives. ________________________________________________________________

Amy DaviesAmy Davies

As soon as I was old enough to use a pencil I sold my soul to art. My childhood consisted of Tomb Raider; 80s/horror movie marathons; and writing a book that was destined for nowhere. The best decision (but also one of the hardest) I’ve ever made was swapping the country for city life; dropping an archaeology degree to follow my true love of all things creative. I now work for an arts centre- the Bluecoat, in a city that’s the bee’s knees. I’ve dabbled in film, performance, heritage, and I’m currently developing a fashion label inspired by Art Deco & post-apocalyptic wastelands. I became an ambassador in the hopes of removing the negative rep’ young people receive in the media today, and replacing it with the true talents of these creative minds who have a lot to offer to the city of Liverpool (and beyond). Art is vital to society. There needs to be more creative opportunities for younger generations – and we’re going to show you why. ________________________________________________________________

Biog PictureAlison James

I’m Alison but call me AJ. In 2012 I graduated from the University of Liverpool after studying Popular Music (BA/Hons) achieving a 2:1. I enjoy meeting people, attending creative events, live music, Film, Football and i’m a bit of a music enthusiast. I also adore food and enjoy exploring new and emerging restaurants and eateries. (I am a crazy person when it comes to cheese. It’s just the best right?) I’m an artistic individual who’s main objective is to further support and develop the relationship between art and music in Liverpool.  I am currently a member of Freehand Connects at FACT and I am always looking for opportunities to enhance my involvement and experience in both music and creative events. ________________________________________________________________

Holly LewisHolly Lewis

Hello my names Holly Lewis, I am 17 and currently studying for my a levels.  I wanted to be a part of this program because it seemed inventive, new and creative.  I love radio and have previously done presenting and producing at 99.8fm kcc live, it was great.  I also love film and create ridiculously cheesy films for my friend’s birthdays. They are honestly cringe worthy. I tend to favour the production side of things so when this opportunity came up I was very excited , the idea of helping to create a non festival, festival that allows ‘bright young things’ to explore all sides of the creative industry sounded fantastic. ________________________________________________________________

Aaryn Lynch

Being the victim of severe bullying in school, both primary and secondary, I understand how it can sometimes feel that it will never end, that you can never see the light at the end of the tunnel. However I am living proof that it does and can get better. At the age of the 14 I was the editor of a local magazine, Urban H.Y.P.E. this made me the youngest working editor in the country. I spoke in the Houses of Parliament to try and encourage a change of hearts in the decision to raise tuition fee’s although no change was made, my speech made 4 MP’s cry. I won the Young Person of the Year Award at the Black Achievers ceremony during Black History Month in 2009. I am a part of exhibitions held at the TATE Liverpool and Museum of Liverpool. And quite recently I gained the funding to launch my own TV chat show, this show is a chance for young Europeans to sit down and (over some coffee and pizza) chat about the issues that matter to us. I would now like to use my story to empower and encourage other young people from my city to reach to full potential and then push past their limits and accomplish things that they once believed were impossible. ________________________________________________________________

imageAimee Marnell

Hey I’m Aimee! I’m 18 and have had huge interest within the art for as long as I can remember. As I have gotten older it has become more of a passion rather than just an interest, jumping at the chance to perform and mix with people that have similar creative personalities.

I aspire to take up a career in acting or something musical, and therefore was incredibly excited at the aspect of being a part of the FLUXLiverpool team.

Although I am studying to achieve A-levels in Drama, English Literature and Spanish any free time that I have (which isn’t much with A-levels) is taken up by acting or singing; being a member of The Unity Youth Theatre.

In the past I have performed across Liverpool with various companies, and last year was actress and co-writer for a short film that made the final 13 of 800 in the Virgin Media Shorts competition. I can not wait to discover the talent that Liverpool has to offer and watch this project continue to grow!


Jack Morgan

I’m Jack, Liverpool’s premiere Mountain Dew addict, PlayStation fanatic and social media obsessive.  I work as a Digital & Content Marketing Assistant for DaDaFest, a unique disability and Deaf arts charity, my job involves making sure that the organisation is heard online via social media, newsletters, videos and any other way I can think of! I’ve been interested in the arts all my life and as soon as I saw the chance to be an ambassador for Flux I just had to go for it. Marketing and producing creative content is what I do best so I am excited to get cracking on a social media strategy for the festival as well as dabbling in all the other aspects of pulling this project together! I have a particular interest in gaming and digital art so I will be interested to see how we can tie these into the programme, especially what with Liverpool’s thriving digital industries. It’s certainly going to be an interesting journey. ________________________________________________________________

chloe-nChloe Nezianya

Hi I’m Chloe Nezianya and I’m 18 years old. I was excited to become a youth ambassador as I was interested in the concept of giving such a great experience of this festival to creative individuals like me. I hope to pursue a career in fashion and the creative arts so being involved in this project will hopefully aid me in my communication skills and organisational skills. I also love performing arts, as well as taking part in shows I enjoy watching them too. This will also be a great opportunity to become aware of the various talents in Liverpool as well as theatre spaces and companies who are our partners. I have enjoyed contributing to the initial stages of the project so far and I am excited to see what becomes of it in the future! ________________________________________________________________

Emma RileyEmma Riley

Hi I’m Emma! I’m currently a third year history student at the University of Liverpool and my interests include the creative arts, visual culture, film, music, cultural history and heritage. Living locally as a student I’m passionate about being involved in arts and community projects – Liverpool has such a vibrant cultural programme and the possibility that we can make an impact is really exciting. After I graduate I wish to pursue a career in the arts sector, I’m especially interested in programming and curating. I have previously worked within Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery in Carlisle alongside artists and exhibition staff to create and host an exhibition displaying secondary school art work. Currently I am part of Freehand Connects at FACT – we are working to plan, create and deliver an artistic programme to complement the existing in-house programme. I am also an ambassador for somewhereto_ North West and I occasionally write for The National Student, an online newspaper/magazine – in the past I have contributed to The Looking Glass Liverpool, a website which aims to promote and explore Liverpool’s music scene. ________________________________________________________________

Owen Jones

Hi my name is Owen I’m 21 years old I am a confident, enthusiastic person. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and doing new things each day, I like to keep active and have a laugh but can always be serious when needed. I do many creative things including dance, drama and technical work. I have been part of 20 stories high youth theatre for 6 years and they always find something new to challenge me. I joined street feet dance company about a year ago and I’m always being pushed to try harder and do things I wouldn’t usually do. I enjoy meeting new people and always try and find different events and social meetings to make new friends. I love to try new skills and gain experience in everything I do. I joined the young ambassadors to challenge myself in a new and creative way and to learn new skills as part of a team. ________________________________________________________________

Suzy Vanezis

My name is Suzy, I’m 17 and I’m a student at Carmel College studying Fine Art, English Literature, Philosophy and French. Being a lover of exhibitions and everything to do with art I am also a part of Freehand Connects at FACT gallery. In the future I would love to either be an artist or an art curator as I am a strong believer in the power of the arts and how it can improve the quality of life for all. When I’m not slaving over a painting I’m either watching a French film, at a gig with my mates, stalking Eva Wiseman and Caitlin Moran on twitter or rummaging through charity/vintage shops looking for treasures that I can bring life back into. ________________________________________________________________

Joelle VellaJoelle Vella

I’m 20 years old, half Maltese, and I settling in my new home in Liverpool! I’m a first year Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management Student at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Before this I did a year at The University of Central Lancashire doing Events Management. I’ve volunteered at all sorts of different events, helping to organise and run things, music festivals, parties, sports events and interview evenings with athletes from London 2012! As you can see, I love events! Working in event management is hopefully where I will be after my three years at LIPA, I can’t think of anything better than doing what I love and getting paid for it! (Hopefully). When I’m not in university or getting involved in events, you will find me shopping, horse riding or baking. Some things you should know; I love pugs and all things pink and of course, I can’t wait to get working on Flux Liverpool! ________________________________________________________________

Fran WalkerFran Walker

Hi I’m Fran! I’m 21 and I’ve just finished my English literature degree at the University of Liverpool. I have fallen in love with Liverpool since moving up here from the south – I adore its vibrant arts and cultural scene and have thrown myself in to as many projects and opportunities as possible! I am part of the Freehand Connects project at FACT, which is an opportunity for young creatives to contribute supplements to an upcoming exhibition and learn about the processes behind the formation of an exhibition. I have worked with the Bluecoat and currently volunteer in the Marketing and Communications office, and I am carrying out a research placement at BBC Radio Merseyside for the Up For Arts project, where I am involved in marketing and PR for amateur arts organisations across Merseyside. Aside from all of this, I spend my time reading and writing, regularly contributing to local cultural publications ACE magazine, The Skinny and The Looking Glass. I’m incredibly excited for FLUX Liverpool and what I can offer to it!


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