This week’s meeting was sliced into segments as we met Amanda from IdeasTap, discussed comms procedures with Open Culture and then began to consider the nitty gritty of dividing up the programming our beloved (non) festival.

As is customary we went around the room and introduced ourselves to Amanda and explained our creative interests (“Emma – visual arts and programming”) before hearing about her role in the IdeasTap team and her precious advice about setting creative briefs. We were told that it’s best to have an idea of a successful final product in mind when setting a brief as this will make judging easier – although unexpected outcomes are really exciting too! Open Culture were in agreement here so this is something we must not forget! As a team we’re super keen to develop our idea for a Flux TV commission as a new kind of creative brief – indeed Amanda said this hasn’t been done by IdeasTap before but we’re hopeful that we can make something amazing. After all, we are a PIONEERING group. We’re feeling very lucky to be working closely with IdeasTap throughout this process – as young creative people at the start of our careers such an opportunity is invaluable!

Our meeting with Amanda was short but sweet as she had to dash off to catch a train. Next it was onto a comms briefing from Open Culture. We discussed the impending digital launch and our plan of action – thumbs at the ready 10am Monday for a Twitter/Facebook/Instagram explosion with Amy and Jack at the helm. We were also set the task of keeping our eyes peeled for websites we love using – what makes a successful webpage and why?

We then began to consider the mammoth task of programming. AJ and Joe got first dibs on the music side of the festival and rightly so – the best people for the job! Amy was unanimously elected to join the steering group as a “young person” representative and we know she’ll do a great job!

Next up – the app development weekend at FACT– another really exciting strand of the Flux programme.


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FLUX Comms Group – Meeting II

ImageImage credit: Central Library, Liverpool Echo

Date: April Fools evening.
Weather: Pleasant & sunny (the view from Central Library’s rooftop is quite distracting)

* In Meeting Room 3, FLUX comms team get down to business; tweaking the press release written by Creaky Bones.
* Emma and Fran’s genius straplines are discussed: “A Pioneering Celebration of Young Creative Talent”  becomes “A Pioneering Celebration of Young Creativity” – but there’s debate whether it comes across a little patronising. This will be discussed further…
* We move on to our marketing budget (eek!) We discover we will be left almost £8,000 short if we do not decide now on what needs scrapping. So we commence cutting out what we believe is unnecessary (cutting colour print posters to rely more on good quality & aesthetically-pleasing flyers, and crossing out stamps & envelopes to depend more on middle distance distribution etc… more will be decided soon)
* Potential web designers are discussed, as well as a professional film crew to produce a short film for post event marketing.
* Jack recommends young photographer Ollie Longhurst to possibly work alongside a professional photographer. I also offer what I can with my trusty little Canon 600D. We also get rather excited about ideas for a press photo of all ambassadors – a homage to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and tongue-in-cheek spelling out FLUX are two examples.
* Merchandise: Jack believes stickers are the way forward, and Emma’s tote bag & badge combination is cool beans. Christina confirms tote bags currently sell like hot cakes. Street art is another idea – possibly having artists Zap Graffiti or End of the Line (the artists behind the epic large-scale Raidan from Metal Gear Solid, painted close to FACT) on board. Also, we consider the lost art of traditional sign-writing and Biochalk that can appeal to an older audience, breaking the stigma surrounding graffiti.
* The session ends with a homework assignment to research what we’ve discussed, get quotes and gather a list of potential peeps’.


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This week’s Flux Liverpool Ambassadors session…

We got excited, were getting funded by the Arts Council, Get In  :O

Plus the marketing team talked to us about their session, their roles and responsibilities within the team. Plus they explored all the categorizes involved in marketing ; Website & App, Copy Writing, Social Media, Newsletters, Press, Ad Sales, Printed Media, Database and Budget .  And the general dates they want to get these categorizes finished by. If you want to know more there is a Comms Group Post

We chatted about renting the fact room for Thursdays in the future so sub groups, committees or teams can meet and discuss the project.

We talked about the up and coming app design weekend 12th to 13th of April who will be there and if we have any friends or contacts who would want to be involved. If so there is a brief you can send them FLUX APP- Design & Hack Weekend

Next discussions about potential “POW WOW” weekends in the future were thinking 17th-18th or the 24th-25th of May.

We thought big and by we I mean Suzy who came up with the very wonderful idea of  potentially getting channel four involved in Flux Liverpool . Remember THINK BIG who knows were it will lead…

After that we got even more excited at the thought of a constructive trips budget. Basically we go to other festivals. We see the good, the bad and the ugly and decide if there is something we can incorporate in to our festival or any pot holes we can avoid.                    Alex Is currently planning to take us to a festival on 7th June in Glasgow.

To top off our ambassadors meeting we then took a trip to la FACT. We went to a spine tingling science fiction exhibition co produced by some of are very own Flux Ambassadors.

I hope I haven’t missed anything out 🙂

PS.  The one in a million you project by Laurence Payot showcased at the fact Sci-fi exhibition  looks amazing. Maybe we could do something like that for our non festival- festival. heres a link to it One In A Million You.

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FLUX Comms Group – Meeting 1 (20 March 2014)

Last week saw the first of the dedicated Marketing meetings for the Flux ambassadors. The group convened at FACT for what promised to be a busy two hours of assigning tasks and chatting about Flux’s marketing plan as a whole going forward.


I didn’t have to be on this pic, hooray! – Jack

The meeting began with an overview of the campaign and soon enough volunteers came forward (as well as some nominations!) to take on the different aspects of Flux’s main marketing strands both on and offline. For those who weren’t at the meeting, these are split up into the main categories of: Website & App, Copy Writing, Social Media, Newsletters, Press, Ad Sales, Printed Media, Database and Budget!

We then went on to talk about our audiences, in other words, who we want to connect with to visit/ participate in Flux events. This ranges from “young ‘uns” (as coined by Joe) to Other Arts Organisations as well as our own friends and families!

Next on the agenda was our “straplines”, the group decided that we need a universal strapline (to use on our public facing marketing) as well as a separate one for “young ‘uns” and those who may participate in the festival (or should that be un-festival?).

With the tasks successfully split up between the group earlier in the meeting, we began to make a more in depth discussion about deadlines and plotting out when everything needs to be underway (thanks to a handy calendar from Open Culture), upcoming tasks will include preparing an online presence for Flux in time for the public reveal.

The meeting drew to a close with a discussion about “IdeasTap” and what immediate actions need to be taken by the splinter group to get our marketing campaigns up and running!

All in all it was a busy meeting but be glad to know that the Flux Comms group is well prepared and ready to get going!

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Flux Meeting 13/03/2014

After every meeting I feel like my brain is jam packed with new and exciting ideas and knowledge; and today’s meeting did not disappoint! Today we started off with some helpful facts from Alex on production managers and producers. Alex drew from her own experience of working with other producers and production managers as we watched the ‘making of’ video of The Children’s Monologues 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHHWM4PMccw

As well as spotting an endless list of celebrities it was great to see the various roles needed to organise events. We were then shown the many responsibilities there are to being producers and production managers in a check list for each role, including crucial roles to the festival such as finance, communications and health & safety.

From this we broke into two groups and did some separate work. The first team focused on the roles and responsibilities we may need to delegate in the production of the festival; this helped us recognise just how big the event actually is and the importance of knowing who we may need and what they will need to do during the event and prior to it.
The second group brainstormed ideas for briefs to send out, we have decided that we need to cut down to 10 briefs but there are so many great ideas!

To help with this situation we will be voting online (Flux facebook page) which will give us an opportunity to revisit these ideas and fairly cut them down, but I’m sure whatever we do it’ll be great!

See you in the next meeting!
Chloe Nezianya.

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LARCing About – 27/02/14

‘Pop culture is not about depth. It’s about marketing, supply and demand, consumerism.’

 – Trevor Dunn

It’s only Flux Liverpool’s second meeting (after the initial weekend get-together) and we’re already talking about mind control techniques!! Well… marketing and PR, but let’s be honest with each other, learning the tricks of the trade is the reason we’re all so interested in this LARC business – and now it’s our time to play Pied Piper with the city. Mwaahahaha-


To warm up, our task was to identify effective and ineffective marketing techniques used by a variety of arts organizations across the city via leaflets/posters/programmes. Working in groups, we used our outstanding analytical skills to shout things like ‘Hey! This one’s pink! I like it!’ as well as deconstructing pamphlet/poster size, graphology, writing style, colour scheme, relatability, and whether or not art galleries are just fronts for the Denture industry.


I had a blast, and I expect I will at every meeting, even when we’re all shouting ‘now it’s too pink! I don’t like it!’ at each other three months down the line. I think working in groups feels a lot more natural to us as we all get to chip in something useful, and then we can sit back and be impressed by other groups’ conclusions too! I think we’re all about having every voice heard – because even three words from the mousiest person in the room can make all the difference.

And three words can be insanely difficult to get in the right order as we found out towards the end of the meeting. Invent, Create, Innovate are the three we’re juggling at the moment – I think my favourite combination was Holly’s ‘Re-invent your Creativity’ – in the hubble bubble of coming up with something overly-convoluted and witty, this suggestion just felt like a spell of order. Spot on.

I thoroughly expect to see ‘What The Flux?’ T-shirts in coming months, if not plastered across the walls along Hardman Street in big, stark, texture-tingling writing. Please. Guys…

What the Flux

We’re doing wicked, but we are only just chipping away at the top of the mountain, so let’s keep the momentum going and crack on with more communication, more confidence, and more pink!!

Catch you all soon!

–          J. Crawford

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Meeting number 3 at FACT HQ – The Final Logo and Potential Partners


The illustrative ball has been rolling! Claire has been extremely busy in the time we were away, adapting and changing the Flux logo following ideas that we had proposed to her in our intensive preliminary weekend. We were all extremely eager to see her work!

After pitching to us her initial imagery, which we loved, we came up with some ideas on how it could be further developed. Firstly, we loved the use of colour, the font was fabulous and eye catching, the skyline was brilliant, but there was one problem. When initially looking at the logo, which embodied the rather vibrant colour-stranded ‘X’ in the word FLUX, our eyes strayed away from the ‘X’ and rather consciously laid upon the black font section preceding it. In uncontained unanimous fashion we all decided that the initial imagery provided by this logo reminded everyone of a common illness that occurred in everyday life; The Flu. The last thing we wanted was for people to primarily disassociate the event with an arts festival and rather be thinking ‘Oh, another NHS campaign?’. As our newly appointed ambassador Joe said, we didn’t want this part of the logo to “catch on”. (Pun definitely intended) 

Following this, serious discussion occurred in which we proposed further adaptation ideas to Claire to try and avoid these branding issues. We then left her for the remainder of the meeting to work her magic illustrative fingers.

The second part of our meeting saw the introduction of two extremely exciting organizations that are active in the Merseyside area. These were; Open Culture and Somewhereto, both of which are very keen to be involved with the FLUX project.

Our attention was given firstly to our two guests from Open culture, Charlotte Corrie and Christina Grogan, both are co-founders of the organization. They explained how the organizations aim is to nurture and help a vast variety of artistic/cultural activities and events that occur in the Merseyside area. One point they made in reference to FLUX was that the overall event itself should be an opportunity to break down the term ‘Young people’. In saying this they believed that the festival should be a chance to celebrate the success of young artistic individuals rather than isolate them from the older demographic in the area. We agreed entirely. We want the festival to attract all ages and be as accessible to each and every person who wishes to witness it.

Secondly we were introduced to Claire Willams from the organization Somewhereto. She informed us that Somewhereto is an organization that aims to open up and find either digital or physical spaces in which artists can access for their specific need or activity. We were therefore extremely excited to bring their organisation on board regarding our festival as we thought it extremely important for young individuals to have contact with such a great source of creative and catalytic help.

We ended our meeting by reviewing Claire’s adapted ‘non-medical’ logo. Obviously 30 minutes is in no way enough time to rustle up a final product however she provided us with a number of alternatives that we were very impressed with. The hurdle had been succesfully jumped, the set back had been eliminated! In the next two weeks to come, we will expect to see the final logo!

Relevant Links
Open Culture


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