FLUX Comms Group – Meeting II

ImageImage credit: Central Library, Liverpool Echo

Date: April Fools evening.
Weather: Pleasant & sunny (the view from Central Library’s rooftop is quite distracting)

* In Meeting Room 3, FLUX comms team get down to business; tweaking the press release written by Creaky Bones.
* Emma and Fran’s genius straplines are discussed: “A Pioneering Celebration of Young Creative Talent”  becomes “A Pioneering Celebration of Young Creativity” – but there’s debate whether it comes across a little patronising. This will be discussed further…
* We move on to our marketing budget (eek!) We discover we will be left almost £8,000 short if we do not decide now on what needs scrapping. So we commence cutting out what we believe is unnecessary (cutting colour print posters to rely more on good quality & aesthetically-pleasing flyers, and crossing out stamps & envelopes to depend more on middle distance distribution etc… more will be decided soon)
* Potential web designers are discussed, as well as a professional film crew to produce a short film for post event marketing.
* Jack recommends young photographer Ollie Longhurst to possibly work alongside a professional photographer. I also offer what I can with my trusty little Canon 600D. We also get rather excited about ideas for a press photo of all ambassadors – a homage to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and tongue-in-cheek spelling out FLUX are two examples.
* Merchandise: Jack believes stickers are the way forward, and Emma’s tote bag & badge combination is cool beans. Christina confirms tote bags currently sell like hot cakes. Street art is another idea – possibly having artists Zap Graffiti or End of the Line (the artists behind the epic large-scale Raidan from Metal Gear Solid, painted close to FACT) on board. Also, we consider the lost art of traditional sign-writing and Biochalk that can appeal to an older audience, breaking the stigma surrounding graffiti.
* The session ends with a homework assignment to research what we’ve discussed, get quotes and gather a list of potential peeps’.


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